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This morning I went to the classroom at seven o'clock because I was on duty today. Of course I was the first one. I was cleaning the blackboard when Li Ming came into the classroom. I asked her, "Who do you come here so early?" She answered

"In life, helping others is a virtue, here is two classmates have helped other people think."

Everyone needs helps and everyone can help others. For example,If one day,your classmate is on dute.maybe you could help him to clean up the classroom.You may ask me why i help him?It doesn't have any good ways for me.You are wrong. When

让我们帮助她-Lets Help HerLets Help Her) Li Mei is a new comer to our class.She is short and thin.She looks quite and unhappy.And then we know her story.Li Mei has no

一个热心的人 A Warm-hearted Man!A kind cleaner saw whis and rushed to her at once. He helped her stand up and took her to the nearest hospital. What a warm-hearted man he was!帮助别人 Helping PeopleBut helping others is the traditional

中文: 帮助他人就是帮助自己 “你把最好的给予别人,就会从别人那里获得最好的.你帮助的人越多,你得到的也越多.你越吝啬,就越一无所有.”这是文章的第一段.现实就是这样,只有那些乐于帮助他人的人才会获得别人的尊重.我相

Today, Xiao Ming asked me to do a cone, I promise. The very next day, I gave it to him, he again and again thank me, I said no thanks. Then I found that to help others is a happy thing.

1 try to offer first. when people need your help, they'll most likely ask you first, but if you have the chance, try to offer to help before they ask you. this'll show that you were willing to help from the start. for example, if you see a friend struggling to carry

We live on the same earth and all of us are members of the large family.We should help each other in order to make our lives more colorful.So I think it's our duty to help the

Saterday,I took part in the school organization of volunteer.All the guys devided into two groups.one group got into the community to help old peoples who alone.All the kinds of houseworks we could do it,cleaning,washing,cookingWe are very


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