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Life is hard. We should not give up hope. By the time we have given up, we are finished. Chances are always there. We have to grab every single opportunityto help, to love and to serve. To live our life happier, full of joy, we have to set our goal and

I didn'e5a48de588b6e799bee5baa631333231616565t finish my work today. I didn't write the English dairy. My mother was very angry because she has keen me to get ahead in the career. I know that she is good for me, but I don't know how to

高中英语必修一重点句型总复习备考练习 1、notuntil引导时间状语从句 教材例句 …but your friend can't go until he/she finishes cleaning the bicycle. 句型解读 not…until/

1高考英语作文:关于北京(About Beijing) Beijing has a history of over 3,000 years with a population of nearly 13 million and a lot of places of interest around it. In recent years, the city of Beijing has been advancing very quickly. You can see

Books are my best friends When I was a child, I enjoyed reading books that were without words. The pictures and the color affected me. When I was a pupil, I liked reading books about science. The knowledge and the magic things attracted me.


你是老师还是学生?学生的话,把老师在黑板上写的东西抄下来,还要注意老师重复三遍的知识点.老师的话,词的意思,用法,对比 句子成分的分析 什么什么从句,什么词做什么成分等语法


July 10th 2004 Sat. Fine The plane finally touched the ground. It was around 5:00 p.m. local time, that is, London time, which is eight hours behind Beijing time. After a fuss at the luggage claim, we mixed into the crowd of people with different colors

英语: Today is Sunday. Hot weather. I and my best friend go swimming, swimming pools, many people. Then we go to a lot of things, they were very delicious. I like to eat the ice-crowm. I eat two. 16:00 us to go home. She in our home to eat meals,


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