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高中 英语 阅读理解 讲到关于动物与人类的如何交流...

As is often read in the newspaper reports, wild life especially the rare species is threatened with extinction. Human beings are making attempts to hunt wild animals for a big profit., which, of course, results in a sharp decrease in the number of

dogs, along with cats, are thought to be as the most favored as pets in america today.?this wonderful animal is valued for their companionship, protection and friendship they bestow to their owners. so it is hardly suprising to find dogs or cats on


Now we have to talk about people and birds live in harmony! In nature, birds to humans has brought boundless joy, in a sad time, I heard the birds in the tree branches on the use Wanzhuan clear voice singing the song, sad to suddenly forgotten

A Composition of Protect Our Environment----Taking good care of our environment is very important.Wherever you live,You can do something around your neighbourhood. it's our duty to keep our environment clean and tidy.You might ask yourself,

1.丹顶鹤是非常漂亮的动物,大概1.2米高.2.白色羽毛,红色的冠,细长的脖子和腿.3.喜欢群居,吃鱼、昆虫和水生植物.4.但水污染严重,将没有食物吃,没有地方生存.5.必须采取措施保护这些稀罕动物.I'd like to introduce something


Now, more and more wild animals in danger, because some bad people for money, their meat and fur and kill them. So we have to protect wild animals must stop human killing wild animals, and with the power of the law to punish those bad people.

We have more than a biological human world, there are many animals and we live to pursue interests and the lack of understanding of the importance of animal protection

Jokes About Animal A cat with suspected Multiple Personality Disorder: As an experienced veterinary psychologist, I have treated many cats for a wide variety of conditions, including Feline Factitious Disorder (F.F.D.), Siamese Schizophrenia,


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