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谁有Down with wEBstEr的EvEryBoDy's AngEls这首歌...


这首歌的MV拍成了故事形式,而且情节和歌词吻合,可以一起看~~Sparkling angel I believeYou were my savior in my time of need.耀眼的天使,我深信你是我危急时刻的救星Blinded by faith I couldn't hear我曾经如此信任你All the whispers, the

你好,歌曲是Everybodys Angels Down With Webster找歌不宜,望采纳

Everybody's Angels - DOWN WITH WEBSTER 歌曲名直接度娘 记得有资源

Angels by Declan Galbraith I sit and wait Does an angel contemplate my fate And do they know The places where we go When we're grey and old 'Cos I have been told That salvation lets their wings unfold So when I'm lying in my bed Thoughts

后街的- Everyboday 后街的歌很多都挺好听的

歌曲:batter man歌手:robbie williamssend someone to love mei need to rest in armskeep me safe from harmin pouring raingive me endless summerlord i fear the coldfeel i'm getting oldbefore my timeas my soul heals the shamei will grow through

Jay Sean (feat.Lil Wayne) - DownLrc:背影Baby are you down down down down down,Downnnnnnn, downnnnnnn,Even if the sky is falling down,Downnnnn, downnnnnOoohhh (ohhh)You oughta know,Tonight is the night to let it go,Put on a show,

Everybody 专辑:Everybody 歌手:Ingrid Michaelson Everybody - Ingrid Michaelson em~~~~ 嗯we are falling down again tonight 今晚我们再次陷入困境 in this world it's hard to get it right 在这个世界上,有些事情真的难以让人理解 trying to

中文名称:爱情破坏球 外文名称:Wrecking Ball 歌曲原唱:Frankmusik 填 词:Frankmusik 谱 曲:Frankmusik 编 曲:Frankmusik 音乐风格:pop,流行,舞曲 歌曲语言:英文 Baby you let me down I'm closing the door I can't bear to see



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