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用in thE miDDlE oF造句

In the middle of the sthdents,there is a tree he takes a shower at six in the morning At the foot of the mountain,there is a river they always have a good idea

造句如下: There is a stone table and four chairs in the middle of the garden. 花园中间有一张石桌和四把椅子.

我在上课有人敲门 英语:Someone is knoking on the door when I am in the middle of the class

He suddenly shifted gear in the middle of his speech. 他在发言的中途突然改变了调子. 希望可以帮到你哟!~

in the middle of[英][in midl v][美][n i midl v]在…的中间; 例句:China is in the middle of conducting a nationwide census that has already run intoproblemsover concerns with fairness and privacy. 中国正在进行全国性的人口普查,并已经面临对公平性和隐私权提出的担忧和质疑.

in the middle of two houses ,there have a tree !!

Snow usually falls heavily in the middle of winer.在冬天的中旬雪通常下的很大.

What will unfold in Iraq will unfold,whether we are stuck in the middle or not

My middle name is Kitty.(middle name:中间名.)I stood in the middle of the classroom.Howard stood in the middle of the room sipping a cup of coffee.

in our absence the office gossips are probably having a field day.我们不在的时候,办公室里大概谣言四起了吧.a military court sentenced him to death in his absence.一所军事法庭在他缺席的情况下判处他死刑.


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