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尊严: dignity;Dignity;majesty;courtly 尊严 [zūn yán]

尊严 n. dignity, sanctity, honour, honor

I have my own dignity ,please respect me.请采纳

respect [rispekt]vt.尊重;尊敬;关心;遵守n.尊重,恭敬;敬意

a cat may look at a king. 小人物也有尊严.英文,mannaya cat may look at a king. 小人物也有尊严.

我想我并不是你召之即来挥之即去的东西,我有我的尊严和耐心 ?翻译为 I think I am not you called to play something, I have my dignity and patience 保证对的 ?望采纳

dignity 尊严

Need to come home with dignity.要有尊严的回家

保持尊严 keep/stand on one's dignity

国家英文:country 音标:英 [kntri] 美 [kntri] country英 [kntri] 美 [kntri] 第三人称复数:countries country 基本解释 名词:国家; 乡下; 国民; 地区 country 相关例句1. He didn't know much about foreign countries.他对外国知之甚


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