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arrive at+较小的地点名词,如school,park,zoo. arrive in+较大的地点名词,如beijing ,shanghai he will arrive at school soon. she has arrived in nanjing.

When will you arrive here? 你什么时候到这里啊?I will arrive here in 2 days' time. 我2天后到这里.

I arrive at my hotel.我抵达旅馆.I just arrive at the airport.我刚刚到机场.He arrive in england last saturday.他上星期六到达英国.Arrive in summer exactly after spring.春季以后就是夏季来临.

I arrive at the airport.You arrive at the school late.She arrives at the hospital at 8:00a.m.He arrives in beijing.We all arrive in the university.

I arrived in kunming yesterday 我昨天到达了昆明

I arrived home at five o"clock yesterday afternoon.我昨天下午五点到家.

你好!arrive ON time IN his small airplane AT the airport ON a rainy afternoon WITH a friernd of his如有疑问,请追问.

When you arrive at a race, your bike should be in race-ready condition.

原句特指,所以用一般过去时He arrived in the sea.(海上还是上海??需要别的句型造这句句子还可以来问我^^

I will arrive home soon.I will be on time.They are playing outside.I will bring you some food.You should make your bed by youself.She remembers the day we met.Keep going,it's a long way to go.


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