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At thE BACk oF造句简单

1.Someone is at the back of that door. 有人在那扇门后2.He likes sitting at the back of the bus. 他喜欢坐在公交车后面3.That interesting story is at the back of the book. 那个有趣的故事在这本书的末尾4.The people are at the back of the government. 人民是支持政府的 希望对你有所帮助

I sit at the back of the classroom

at the back of:(1) 在……的后面(范围之外)”.如:There is a little garden at the back of the house. 房屋后有个小花园.We planted some trees at the back of the school. 我们在学校后面种了些树.注:用于此义时,相当于 behind.(2) 在……

at the back of 是指在某一空间的后面,比如:教室的后面 at back of是指某物的后面,比如,车的后面

at the age of 12, he went aboard to study.

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题:.At the end of all that, despite everything, is death. 跟读 在这以后,万物的终点仍是死亡.2.Why do these trains always leave at the end of the day? 跟读

that may be the beginning of happiness, rather than a source of despair. 这可以不是绝望的源头,反倒是幸福的开端it's the beginning of success,这是成功的开端

get back 1.return to one's starting point 回来;返回原地*I expect my wife to get back at about eight tonight.我盼望我妻子今晚8点回来.*She got back home dead tired.她回到家里累得要命.2.regain 取回;收回*Stop worrying about the money you

At the beginning of意思是起初,造句应该是At the beginning of the term, I found it difficult to study English. 在这学期初,我觉得学英语很难

in the back of 在某物后面 at the back of 再某建筑后面, 通常说at the back of the tower etc on the back of 在某背上..就跟你趴着人家站在你背上似的. 类似的都可以这么说 解释不好,见谅


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