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BE AFrAiD to Do sth造句

My little brother is afraid to stay home alone.我的小弟弟害怕自己一个人在家.

I am afraid to see the snakes.

be afraid to do sth 害怕做某事,不敢做某事.eg. The girls are afraid to climb trees. 女孩子害怕爬树.

I am afraid to cook the meal.我害怕做饭

I am afraid to homework.

I am afraid to walk in the dark.我害怕在晚上走路

It seems that she is afraid to tell them about it. 似乎她怕将此事告诉他们. I have a little trouble learning English grammar. 我学英文文法有一点困难.

1. Hollywood and don't be afraid to do anything. 去好莱坞吧,不要害怕任何一件事. 2. It's unlikely that you'll be asked to do anything too taxing. 不大可能叫你做什么太费劲的事儿.3. Teachers can only be expected to do what is reasonable and

1.I'm afraid of going back home alone. He's afraid of cheating her.2.I'm afraid that I can't help you. I'm afraid that you'll have to apologise for what you've done.3.I was too afraid to answer the door. She was too afraid to look at my eyes straight.

I'm afraid to make mistakes


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