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BE DispEnsED with

1、be covered with 和be covered by 汉语意思相近,都可以翻译成“被/由、、、、、、覆盖”.但是,二者结构本身名称不同.2、be covered with 叫做系表结构,介词with 后面经常接事物,有时也可以接人.例如:In cold winter,many parts in

be familiar with 英[bi: fmilj wi]美[bi fmlj w] v.熟悉; 认识 网络 很熟悉; 谙熟; 对…熟悉 例句 1 his fans would already be familiar with caroline. 他的崇拜者们肯定已经很熟悉卡罗琳了. 2 after six years, most users should

fill,fill in,be filled with和be full of的去区别 ⑴fill意为装满,填满,可作及物动词和不及物动词.常与with连用 如:the thought filled me with pleasure.这想法使我心里充满了喜悦 ⑵fill in意为填写表格,填空.如:please fill in this form.请填写这张表格

be full of和be filled with的区别为:含义不同、用法不同、侧重点不同.一、含义不同1.be full of 释义:填满了某物,被某物填满了,满的.例句:I'm sure this team must be full of gaiety. 我相信这个集体一定是充满了快乐.2.be filled with 释义:表

be surprised by“对……感到吃惊”的抄被动语态,I was surprised by her words. 我对她的话感2113到吃惊.(她的话让我吃惊)be surprised with ::be surprised with sb.对某人/某个和预5261想中的结果不4102同的结果表示”惊奇“ ,它应该不光是只人,1653指物也可以.

参考 这两个短语的共同意思是“被…所遮盖”,当介词宾语为非人为的自然物时,两者可互换.例如:The mountain is covered with〔by〕 snow all the year round.山上终年积雪.其区别是:1、强调点不同.强调状态时多接with,强调动作时多

be concerned about 是“关心、挂念”的意思;be concerned about sth是“关心某事”的意思be concerned with是“参与、干预”的意思;be concerned with sth是“与什么有关联”的意思

be fill with与 be full of的区别为:含义不同、用法不同、侧重点不同.一、含义不同1.be fill with 释义:将……装满……2.be full of 释义:充满…(的) 二、用法不同1.be fill with 用法:with表示关系时还可作“与…合并〔混合,组合〕”解,with表

be covered by/with的区别: 这两个短语的主要区别在于be covered with 中covered 有形容词的感觉,是一种状态.而be covered by 更有一种动作的感觉. 在某些句子中他们的意思相近,比如可以说: The field is covered with snow. The field is

be infected with 被感染的 双语对照 词典结果:be infected with 感染,沾染上; 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句:1.The uncommon life of your common cold-she volunteered to be infected with a cold virus. 寻常的感冒不寻常的生活-她自愿感染了感冒病毒.


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