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i love chinese model 全部释义和例句>>我爱中国模特model 英[mdl] 美[m:dl] n. 模型; 模式; 模特儿; 典型; vt. 做模特儿; vt. 模仿; 制作模型,塑造; 将…做成模型; [例句]Darwin eventually put forward a model of biological evolution.达尔文最终提出了生物进化的模型.[其他] 第三人称单数:models 复数:models 现在分词:modelling过去式:modelled 过去分词:modelled

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[图文] Being a model? Probably no?that's for a pencil thin who doesn't eat.One answer is, fashion stylist a Fudan University Chinese literature grad who works as an assistant stylist at Hermes in Shanghai.

( are ) you ( going ) to make a model plane for her?

B.The photos or videos you take are only shared by Yahoo! and Reuters.com. C.Attach a brief music and a role model for young people. He is the first Chinese pianist to be engaged by the Berlin

Chinese Model

My uncle gave me a very nice present on my thirteenth birthday.My uncle gave a very nice present to me on my thirteenth birthday.give sb.sth=give sth.to sb.Tony,can you


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