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EvEn thE sky wAs FAlling

Jay Sean - Down Baby are you down down down down down, Downnnnnnn, downnnnnnn, Even if the sky is falling down, Downnnnn, downnnnn Ooohhh (ohhh) You oughta know, Tonight is the night to let it go, Put on a show, I wanna see how you

我还是会选择你你好:即便天塌下来了! 地道的翻译就不能直译百度教育团队【海纳百川团】为您解答如果帮到了你,请点击“选为满意回答”按钮,谢谢! 参考如下


The sky is falling and Im falling behindSo I synthesize sounds as I patch my brainInsane mind games move quick like flamesSo now I wonder how sometimes you never knowWho be rockin yall in stereo in stereo in stereo in stereoNo time like the



One day a little chicken named Chicken Little was scratching the ground in her garden Suddenly ,a small nut dropped out of a tree and hit her on the head pop ! “Oh ,dear me !''she cried “The sky is falling !We have to do something !'And

歌曲名:the sky is falling歌手:Insane Clown Posse专辑:the tempestStepping out of the whipping and piercing rain, in walks a wicked clown Violent J.One of Death's good friends they say (hey, look at that). You've never seen a cloud thatdark


歌曲名称:《Home (Blaze U Remix)》专辑:Home (Blaze U Remix) 歌手:Blaze U / ThimLife / Bibiane Z 歌词如下:I'm Looking for a place I can come my home, my home, wow~ 我在寻找一个可以称之为家的地方 Looking for a place where I


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