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For ExAmplE的替换词

你好!for exampletake sth as an examplesuch as我的回答你还满意吗~~

in case能代替if although能代替though(你输错了,应该是though) on account of能代替because wheter or not能代替whether like能代替such as for instance能代替for example

there are the most important to have~~ 把important 换成其他的形容词均可.such as /for example 能换成for instance我是人事英语的, 不明再问啦.

such as for instant 例如 有不明白的地方再问哟,祝你学习进步,更上一层楼! (*^__^*)

你好!for instence such as只会2个仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

一般用for instant代替to name only a few 可以吧,举一个例子的意思个人觉得individuals 比people好,表示私人的意思

不用for example,用like更好些,可以免除play的重复:You should go out to play some sports like basketball.for example后面应该根完整句子

1.individuals,characters, folks替换(people ,persons) 2: positive, favorable, rosy (美好的),promising(有希望的),perfect, pleasurable , excellent, outstanding, superior替换good 3:dreadful, unfavorable, poor, adverse, ill (有害的)替换bad

to play



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