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it's a good idea.

(1)Something,such as a thought or conception,that potentially or actually exists in the significance:要旨,要领:特定条件下的妙方;重要性:The idea is to finish the

he said we could have a party ,that's a great idea !

that's a great idea to go camping 谢谢采纳

I have no idea why he didn't come.我不知道他为什么没来

Please come here.I can't hear anything,That's a good idea,

1.It's a good idea to go there by bus!乘巴士去那里是个好主意!2.It's very improtant for him to work.工作对他来说很重要.

You have no idea how much this means to me.你不会了解这件事对我来说意义是多么重大.

她站起来,列举了这些统计数字,与会者听得目瞪口呆,全场鸦雀无声. 他有点脸红,目瞪口呆地望着她.刹那间他感到她的话淋漓尽致. 每个人看到高速公路上那部撞得面目全非的车都目瞪口呆. 映入眼帘的美景使我们目瞪口呆

My name is Kitty(我的名字叫Kitty)I like go to shopping(我喜欢去购物)I have a idea(我有一个主意)Happy New Year's Day(元旦快乐)an open(一支钢笔)


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