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Reality比较事实的意思吧 或者是中文的在现实生活中in fact 用在推论之类的比较多 例如in fact,two balls with diffrerent mass would drop in same rate 比较说那些可证实的 个人见解 多看点英文很多东西都是自然而然了

in reality 生活中的现实状况,in truth 一件事情的真相

逼真 4;真实 2. 现实,实际存在的事物 3. 事实1

in reality 事实上, 实际上, 其实

in reality指实际上,强调与想象中的区别.In practice指在实践中,强调与理论上的区别.望采纳 谢谢

不现实 (名词)

in reality 事实上,实际上 practically 1.副词,几乎,实际上, 同in reality 2.(做事风格方式)实际地,实事求是地 用can they be 是因为这里only引导状语从句且only提到了句首,用了倒装

in reality是实际上, 事实上 还有in fact,actually, factually, as a matter of fact,as the case stands,practically,virtually 确实 for sure,in faith,assuredly,positively ,exactly

in nature与 in reality的区别?in nature:自然的in reality:事实上,实际的

arsh reality残酷的现实; 严酷的现实例句1Her dream of building a garden of Eden was shattered in the harsh reality.在严酷的现实面前,她要修筑一个安乐窝的梦想破灭了.2At that time people could not stand the harsh reality but choose to escape.而在当时那种社会环境下许多人因为不堪忍受残酷的现实选择逃避,他们把宗教当成是避风港,逃避现实和社会事务.

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