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解决了吗,这是我的翻译.Today India has a very modern fashion style. With the contemporary youth work, leisure and Way of life. India is no longer the traditional


The Express tracking number is correct. Now express has arrived in India, but because of courier companies in India, customs issues, leading to delay in delivery of express mail. Today had been agreed upon, express delivery company will begin delivery, and soon you will receive this express.

I met Dawood, and I am a journalistThe Ved Pratap Vaidik-meets-Hafiz Saeed comic show has played out everywhere this week, including in Parliament. All it tells you is how widespread under-employment now is in our country.By Shekhar Gupta

英文版: yahoo.in , google.in, reddif.com, sify.com, todayindia.com, indiatimes.com 中文的:yinduabc.com

《今日印度》(India Today)创刊于1975年,是印度的头号英文杂志.报道国内及全球最新的政治、经济新闻等《今日印度》拥有五种语言版本,过去十多年一直保持其作为印度A级杂志的地位,并成为读者量最大的出版物,周发行量达到110多万,读者超过1500万


中国死敌印度 究竟是怎样一个国家自2017年6月中印边境局势紧张以来,印度国防部长一句“现在不是1962年”,引发中国媒体、网民的“热烈反响”中国更不是1962年.诚然,中印两国都不再是1962年,但在1962年中国战胜印度后长期

【分析】句子主干为:The grand mediocrity of today / means that / natural selection has lost 80% of its power in upper-middle-class India. “everyone being the same in survival and number of off-spring”是插入部分,是对the grand mediocrity of

小题1:B 小题2:A 小题3:D 小题4:C 小题5:C 小题1:细节理解题.They are both big 故选B. 小题2:细节理解题.根据Today India sells software and services to nearly 95



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