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be influenced by受的影响 词典结果:be influenced by n.词组; 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句:1.Genes aren't static and can be influenced by a variety of internal and external factors. 基因并不是一成不变的,能够被许多内在的外在的因素所影响.

affect effect influence 作为动词, 都含“影响”的意思.affect 指“产生的影响之大足以引起反应”,着重“影响”的动作, 有时含有“对产生不利影响”的意思, 如:This article will affect my thinking.这篇文章将会影响我的思想.effect 指“

Influenced by the view of some 20th century feminists that women's position within the family is one of the central factors determining women's social position,以上这些是过去分词短语做原因状语.some historians 是句子主语have underestimated

受到他榜样的影响,他们做了无数的好事.“Influenced by his example”是过去分词短语做状语,表原因,相当于“Because they had been influenced by his example”;“they performed countless good deeds”是一个主谓宾结构.“they”主语、“performed”谓语、“countless good deeds”宾语.

affect, effect, influence用法区别1:affect 与 effect 均可表示“影响”,其区别是:前者是动词(及物),主要指一时的影响,着重影响的动作,可指一般意义的影响(不分好坏),也可指不良影响;后者是名词(可数或不可数)可数或不可数,两

People are living in the different environment. We are from different country, different city, we go to different school and we live in the different family. As a result, someone did very successful while someone didn't. That was because they were from

Flight is always influenced by different weather.

you will be influenced by the persons 的中文翻译you will be influenced by the persons you are staying withmore or less你会被你所住的人或多或少的影响

句子的意思是,没有人可以避免被他周围环境所影响.being influenced 是一个被动语态,这里意思是被影响的意思.第二个问题是D,因为trouble不可数


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