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knoCk At造句

Someone is knoching at the door 有人正在敲门

I was writing a letter when someone knocked at the door.

He knocked a big hole in the wall.他把墙撞出了一个大洞.I am lost on the way to the hospital.我在去医院的路上迷失了方向.

You knock into me!你撞到了我,够简单吧

Someone is knoching at the door有人正在敲门

1. 想像[W][+wh-][+(that)][+v-ing][O4] I can't imagine what has happened.我想像不出发生了什么事.You may imagine their astonishment at finding the room empty.你可以想像他们发现房间里空无一人时那吃惊的样子.2. 臆断[+(that)]3. 猜想,料想[W][Y][+(that)] I imagine you are tired from the journey.我想你旅途劳累了.

you can ask him for help.you must ask him to clean the room.I give you a bunch of flowers as for a gift.he gives her a car.i tell you about our sportsmeeting.teachers tell us about study.

1 knock+at/on 敲击EG Why don't you knock before you come in?进来之前为何不敲门? She knocked at the door timidly,她小心翼翼地敲了敲门.2 knock sth dowm/over把

你好;1 I was playing the piano , when there was a knock at the door.2 I like climbing the mountains while my sister like swimming.3 My mother was cooking while my father was watching TV.4 When she got home, she did her homework.5 When I walk in the street , I saw an accident.希望对您有帮助!

knock sth over 造句如下:①At that moment, Sally knocked over her glass of wine.在那一时刻,萨莉把她的酒杯碰翻了.②You've knocked my drink over!你把我的饮料打翻了!③I'll put the candle here so that it doesn't get knocked over.我把蜡烛放在这里,免得碰倒.


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