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look ovEr英语解释

1.从(某物上面)看过去The boy pulled himself to the top of the wall and looked over.那个男孩趴在墙头上看2.仔细检查\审视(某人或某物)Please look them over.请把它们检查一遍3.检查身体The doctor is looking him over. 医生正在给他做仔细检

ben told his mother about the situation look over 浏览;检查 ,察看,审视

look over:从(某物上面)看过去; 仔细检查[审视](某人或某物); 过眼; 翻阅; look up:向上看; 改善; 拜访(某人); 查找; look down:俯视,跌价,用目光压倒; 薄;

look over 复习 look after 照顾 look for寻找 look out 小心

look…over 仔细检查,察看;从…上面看;原谅坐11路车在肯德基站下车 : Take the No 11 bus and get off at the KFC station.我想他发烧了 I think he got a fever.

您好,look over是检查的意思,look into没有了解的意思,只有望进..观察;窥视的意思.满意速速采纳,谢谢!

look up v.向上看. 尊敬. 仰望. 查寻. 拜访. 好转 look over v.从上面看. 察看. 检查. 原谅 调查.从上面看过去check on 检查 check up v.核对, 检验 check over 检查过

over是副词,加在动词后面构成词组look over 英[luk uv] 美[lk ov] [词典] 从(某物上面)看过去; 仔细检查[审视](某人或某物); 过眼; 翻阅; [例句]They presented their draft to the president, who looked it over, nodded and

【overlook】没有【检查】的意思.英 [v'lk] 美 [ovr'lk] v.俯瞰;远眺;没注意到;忽视 【overlook】例句 My room overlooked the garden.我的房间俯瞰花园.We overlook the church from our house.我们可从家中俯瞰教堂.

look in 是指往里面看,加over是指越过车窗,要是翻译就是 越过车窗往里看


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