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on timE同义词

in time 及时 非要是词组 就勉强算吧on time的同义词是吗 punctual守时的

be late

in time 及时,一般说不迟到就可以了 on time 按时,强调不早不晚的

in time表示及时.1. Before a time limit expires.在时间限制到了之前.2. Within an indefinite time; eventually: In time they came to accept the harsh facts.当没有时间限制的情况下,表示最终.3. Music 在音乐上表示按节拍的a. In the proper tempo.b

on time是准时intime是及时

Be here on time.(请)准时到这儿.=(Don't be/get/arrive/reach)here late.(请)不要晚到这儿.注:/ 表示可以任意选用其一.

YOU are on time=You are punctual. 守时准时

from time to time什么意思及同义词1. 不时;偶尔;间或;有时英语解释

not be late


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