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one of 的相关例句 1. She is one of those vain people who never take others'advice. 她属于那种自负得从不听别人劝告的人.来自《简明英汉词典》2. The king exiled one of his official for murder. 国王因他的一个大臣犯谋杀罪而将他放逐.来自《简明

另一种句型:the city in the world is the largest.回答完毕!

One of my friends is from Australia.我的一位朋友来自澳大利亚.语法:one of +名词复数或者集合名词.

one of +the+最高级+可数名词复数+单数谓语

one of其中之一,之一He is one of the delegates to the conference.他是与会代表之一 歹徒之一被警察逮捕.The Great Wall is one of the sights of the world.长城是世界名胜

one of 结构作主语,一般情况下,谓语动词都是用单数. 但是如果这个结构用作定语从句的先行词,从句谓语动词用复数.如: he is one of the students who were praised at the meeting. “他是在会上被表扬的学生之一.” 但如果前有the only,the very等修饰时,谓语动词用单数.如: he is the only one of the students who was praised at the meeting. “他是在会上唯一被表扬的学生.”

one of 在句中做表语,其后of the students又做了代词one的后置定语

谓语动词单数 He is one of the boys who are ready to help others 这句话的 who 是指the boys He was the only one of the boys who was given a prize.这句话的 who是指He One of the students is cleaning windo

没有 no one 和 none 的区别之一就是 no one 后不能跟of,而 none 可以

宾语补足语 修饰 one(某人)谢谢 请采纳吧


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