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psychologically[英][sak'ldkl][美][sakl:dkl]adv.心理上地,心理学地; 例句:1.Most people will tell you that worlidays are psychologically unhealthy. 多数人会告诉你工作假期对心理健康不好.2.But how deep does the metaphor actually run, psychologically speaking? 但从心理学上来说,这种比喻到底有多深入人心?

psychologically英 [sak'ldkl] 美 [sakl:dkl]adv.心理上地,心理学地例句1. This explanation fits the facts and is psychologically plausible. 这一解释与事实相符,从心理角度看也有理.来自《简明英汉词典》2. Boys

直译:从心理学上讲,从心理学角度看. 而在《现代大学英语精读》课本中翻译成 假戏真情

.ii's the recult to lead to an army of healthy problems. generally speaking, an ocean of experiences can beat the psychologically balance.firstly,losing the job is a terrible news to every one.secondly,they may be anxious if they get a higher stress.in

1,psychologically healthy problem is always the leading problem for sickness.2,to analyze the psychologically healthy problems of people(we can analyze them from the point of overhead pressure,lacking of support and lacking of interpersonal ability)3.what do you think people should do to keep psychologically healthy ?

how to keep psychologically healthy 如何保持身体健康 eat vegatable

你好首先请把形容词Physical改为副词Physically ,因为纵观全句,副词做状语.翻译为:Physically we feel comfortable,我们在肉体上享受着欢愉,but psychologically ,we suffer a lot.而心灵深处却承受着极大的煎熬.




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