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rEminDED oF造句

He didn't go to school because of the illness.由于生病了,他没有去上学.because of the rain, we didn't go camping last week.由于下雨了,我们上周没有去野营.because of the traffic jam, I was late for school.由于堵车,我上学迟到了.

hundreds of=成千上万的;数以百计的e.g. There are hundreds of people hurring home during the Spring Festival. (春节期间,成千上万的人都在赶往家过年.)

They gave us plenty of help in our English study.在英语的学习上,他们给了我们很多帮助.England usually has plenty of rain every month of the year.一年中的每个月,英格兰通常有丰富的降雨量.

regardless of 英 [ri:dlis v] 美 [rrdls v] 词典 不管, 不顾; 无; 不拘 网络 不管; 不顾; 不论 双语例句 1 it takes in anybody regardless of religion, colour, or creed. 任何人,不论宗教、肤色或信仰,都可以加入. 2 regardless of

instead of 英 [insted v] 美 [nstd v] (用…)代替…, (是…)而不是…, (用…)而不用…1、The farmers will be paid for their grain in cash, instead of IOUs. 农民卖粮,将以现金支付,而不是白条了.2、We did the logo in lower-

remind sb of sth this hotel reminds me of the one we stayed in last year.这家旅馆使我想起了去年我们住过的那家.he rather reminds me of his brother.见了他就使我想起了他的哥哥.

解答:答案不唯一,以下句子供您参考:(1)There are lots of pear trees near the house.屋子近旁种着许多梨树.(2)Come on over,we've got lots of the old gang here.过来吧,好多老朋友都在这儿.【希望我的回答对您有所帮助哦 ^_^】

Tom is afraid of staying alone at home.

根据题意,用词组in front of 造句如下:1.We dried our clothes in front of the fire. 我们在火前烘干了衣服.2.We all got out our own sewing and sat in front of the log fire.我们都把自己的针线活拿出来,坐到了火堆前.3.A number of seats have been arranged in front of the painting.在这幅油画前摆了一些座位.

代替;而不… I'll go instead of him. 我将代替他去. I can go to the meeting instead of my sick brother. 我可以替我有病的兄弟去开会. I can't go, she'll go instead of me. 我不能去,由她代替我去. She went to school instead of staying at home. 她没有呆在家里而上学去了.

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