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你好.roll in roll out翻译成中文是:滚进滚出.希望帮到你,满意请采纳.


autobots.let's roll out 我们推出的汽车人.语法点是out作为副词使用,有时意为“出局” out 副词 ad.1.出外;在外;向外 let's go out for a walk.我们出去散散步吧.2.在外;不在家(办公室);在室外 all yesterday he was out.昨天他整天在外.3.离岸

to roll out的中文翻译复 to roll out 滚出去制 双语例句 1 Churchill's cadences began to roll out of the shortwave radio.短波电台里开始传出知丘吉尔那抑扬顿挫的声调.道

roll out【动】转出(1) To transfer sets of data, such as files or computer programs of various sizes , from main storage to auxiliary storage for the purpose of freeing main storage for another use.将数据集(如各种大小的文件或计算机程序)从主

Go live 就是“实行”的意思,一个词组,比较少用.再给你个例句体会一下吧:In this case, the document will be passed through a review process that ensures it won't go live until these reviews are done.----roll out 就是“碾平”的意思

歌曲名:Roll Out歌手:Timbaland专辑:Indecent ProposalRoll out! Roll out! Roll out! Roll out!Roll out! Roll out! Roll out! Roll out!I got my twin glock .40s, cocked backMe and my homies, so drop thatWe rollin on twenties, with the top backSo much

roll out project推出的项目双语对照例句:1. If the project works, roll it out. 如果某项政策奏效,就全面推行.

很简单啦,ROLL OUT项目一般都是外企的项目,就是外企在国外或者是总部,开发了很好的一套SAP解决方案,就是模板(我们用英文说就是template),然后老外把这套开发成熟的模板搬到中国来实施,这就叫roll out啦,在中国,有名的roll

在计算机词汇中:roll out [计] 转出正常情况下:roll out 转出roll out [v] 碾平, 生产出, 擀出[e.g]roll out the red carpet for [v] 隆重欢迎, 铺上红地毯欢迎roll out the red carpet [v] 铺上红地毯欢迎

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