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sEt sBout Doing造句

He sets about making his professional basketball career .He sets out to make his professional basketball carrer .He gets down to making his professional basketball carrer .

set out to do sth 着手做某事; do we seek out things to covet? 我们是否去寻找贪图的东西?

He set out to do a lot of things,but didn't succeed. 他原打算做许多事,但都未成功.

set about 1.begin 开始*Benjamin Franklin set about learn ing the printer's trade at an early age.本杰明?富兰克林早年就开始学习印刷术.*I'll set about preparing supper.我去做晚饭.2.attack 袭击*When I refused to give him mon ey,he set about me with a stick.我不给他钱,他就用棍子打我.*They set about each other furious ly.他们使劲地扭打起来

set out to do =set about doing 着手做某事 两个用法是没什么不同的.

be set on 是决心 要某事/设置为…的意思 造句如下 she is set on being a scientist in the future 她决心未来要成为一个科学家 the TV is set on silent mode now这台电视现在被设置成静音模式

persuade sb to do sth


He argued me into his plan.他说服我赞同他的计划.He argued me out of her plan.他说服我不赞同(反对或)她的计划.

set up建立 set about 开始做,着手做..set down记下 ,=take down set out 出发,说明阐述 , 也有“开始做”的意思


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