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《Somebody To You》是由英国组合The Vamps和Demi Lovato合唱的歌曲.中文名称 为你守候 外文名称 Somebody To You

有人爱你 (somebody to love you) 爱的人,你可以这样做

somebody you will be loved有人会有人爱你双语对照例句:1.And she will be loved she will be loved她会被爱

Bonnie McKee - SomebodyWon't cry out in the rainNot tonight cuz somebody is waiting for me Oh yeah

There's a new wind blowing like I've never known I'm breathing deeper then I've ever done And it sure feels good to finally feel the way I do I wanna love somebody love somebody like you And I'm letting go of all my lonely yesterdays I've forgivin'

Somebody To You专辑:Meet The Vamps - [遇见维普斯]歌手:The Vamps有人给你???好像是吧哈哈哈

歌曲:somebody more like you歌手:nickel creek 专辑:why should the fireLRC歌词 HOT打印预览nickel creek - somebody more like youi didn't hear you say you're sorrythe fault must be minei wish you all the best of luckat finding somebody more

意思是: “我猜你已经有了某人”.

somebody that i used to know - gotye ? gotta be somebody - nickelback ?听听哪个是

是这首吗?英文的歌手:atomic kitten 专辑:access all areas: remixed & b-side The times i've seen you downIn despair walking roundAnd felt you that were aloneBaby, someone was by your sideTo dry your tears, to make you smileBut you would


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