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Good Time (美好时光62616964757a686964616fe78988e69d8331333431366265) - Owl City (猫头鹰之城)/Carly Rae Jepsen Lyrics by:Adam Young/Matthew Thiessen/Brian Lee Composed by:Adam Young/Matthew Thiessen/Brian Lee Woah

抖音上火了很多英文歌……都曾经霸屏抖音,火过一段时间 像《after the party》(洗茶小姐姐火了好几首),《blow your mind》,《booty music》,《colors》,《despacito》,《dura》,《disco inferno》,《genius》,《gucci prada》,《handclap 》,

抖音一首很燃的BGM登登登登叫什么?这首歌曲的原唱是Fitz & The Tantrums,歌名为《HandClap》网页链接 《HandClap》完整歌词:(Turn it up)(大声点) Somebody save your soul cause you've been sinning in this city I know 我知道有人

Stay With me我也找了很久

歌名:Someone Like You 歌手:Adele 歌词:I heard that you're settled downThat you found a girl and you're married nowI heard that your dreams came trueGuess she gave you things I didn't give to youOld friend why are you so shyIt ain't like you to

有点像 Céline Dion 的《This Time》,下面是歌词,你搜来听听看是不是这首歌曲:This Time 演唱:Céline Dion 专辑:Taking Chances One more hour burns So scared of his return But I can't sleep tonight In this hospit light What you call tragedy

that girl专辑:24 hrs (deluxe)歌手:olly murs来源:搜索页 there's a girl but i let her get away 曾经心爱的女孩 我却让她擦肩而过 it's all my fault cause pride got in the way 自尊心作祟 一切都是我的错 and i'd be lying if i said i was ok 若说无事 其实只

这首歌叫《Ladies and Gentlemen》歌词如下:I know our time is precious 我深知我们的时间珍贵 so I'm hoping this'll last 所以我希望它可以持续久一些 I keep runnin'towards my future 我不停向我的未来奔跑 can't focus on the past 不再拘


The Day You Went Away 歌手:M2m 专辑:Shades Of Purple Well I wonder could it be When I was dreaming about you baby You were dreaming of me Call me crazy Call me blind To still be suffering is stupid after all of this time Did I lose my love to


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