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to do sth是去做某事 表目的 事情还没发生 doing sth是正在做某事 时态是正在进行时

want sb to do sthmake sb do sthmind doing sthfinish to do sthfinish doing sthlike to to do sthfinish doing sthlike to do sth like doing sthlisten to sthhear sb to do sth forget to

He went to school to learn more knowledge.

manage to do尽力做be busy doing忙于做hear/see/observe/watch do/doingmind doing介意做deny doing否认做admit doing承认做look forward to doing期待做enjoy doing like to do/ doingbe successful in d

want to do / start to do /be going to do/used to do/have to do/

cease to do 长时间,甚至永远停做某事. cease doing 短时停止做某事,以后还会接着做try to do 努力,企图做某事try doing 试验,试着做某事go on to do 做了一件事后,接着做另一件事go on doing 继续做原来做的事be afraid to do 不敢,胆

remember to do sth.forget to do sth.ask sb.to do sth.lend sth.to sb.buy sb.sth.hate to do sth.give sb.sth.let sb.do sth.have to do sth.borrow sth.from sb.like to do sth.see sb.doing sth.等

I try to be a good people.翻译:我努力成为一名优秀的人.try to do sth 尽力去做某事;尽量去做某事try doing sth 试着做某事; 试做某事;试图做某事;试着去做.

你是说句子还是短语呢?ask to do sthstart doing sth

do sth.是一般现在式 doing sth.是现在进行式或将来式 to do sth.是动词不定式 一.含有ing句型:1.keep doing 2.keep /carry on doing 3.keep sb.Doing 4.enjoy doing 5.finish

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