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work out什么意思中文翻译

一、【work out】意思是【解决; 作出; 锻炼; 了解某人的本质】.二、发音:英 [w:k aut];美 [wk at] 三、双语例句1、The three parties will meet next month to work out remaining differences.来自柯林斯例句 三方将在下个月会面,

work out[英][w:k aut][美][wk at] 解决; 作出; 锻炼; 了解某人的本质; An important first step is to work out what you want. 最重要的第一步就是弄清楚自己想要什么.2.The agreements may be difficult to work out. 但在这件事上达成协议或许并不容易.3.Things didn't work out and you have wasted five years. 然而现实并非像你想的那样,你浪费了5年时间.

work out v. 可以解2113决, 设计出, 作出, 计算出, 消耗完5261 I believe that you can work out this problem by yourself. 我相信你自己能做出这道4102题的. I work out regulary to keep fit. 我经常努力锻炼身体以保持健康1653. What does your


work out 解决;算出;实现;制定出;消耗完;弄懂 例句 Shall we work out a plan for a sightseeing trip for your delegation? 我们是不是为你们代表团制定一个观光计划?

work out (1) 设计;制订;安排 (2) 使筋疲力尽;耗尽 (3) 解决;找到…的答案 (4)强调 工作出结果,解决问题看看吧或许对你有帮助

work out 解决;算出;实现;制定出;消耗完;弄懂


work it out意思是:解决它,解决这个问题. 例句:we can work it out. 我们能解决这个问题. work out意思是:做出;可以解决;设计出;计算出;锻炼;开采完;精疲力尽;发展,发挥. 例句:①we can find a way to work out this problem. 我们可以找到解决这个问题的方法. ②the police worked out a plan to catch the thief. 警察制定出了策略捉贼. ③the general worked out a new plan of attack. 将军制定了新的进攻方案.

work outv.可以解决, 设计出, 作出, 计算出, 消耗完work out挤(出去), 冲(出去)work[wE:k]n.工作, 劳动, 作业职业, 业务行为; 作用, 成效, 【物】功[常用复, 有时作a work]著作, (艺术)作品成果, 产品, 制作品, 针线活,


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