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your BEAutiFul is turE

you are beautiful演唱:韦礼安my life is brilliantmy love is purei saw an angelof that i'm sureshe smiled at me on the subwayshe was with another manbut i won't lose no sleep on that'cause i've got a planyou're beautifulyou're beautifulyou're beautiful it

应该是You Are Beautiful 詹姆士布朗特唱的 具体歌词如下you are beautiful演唱:James BluntMy life is brilliant.My life is brilliant.My love is pure.I saw an angel.Of that I'm sure.She smiled at me on the subway.She was with another man.But I won't

歌曲:you're beautiful歌手:james blunt 专辑:back to bedlam 搜索"you're beautiful"LRC歌词 搜索"you're beautiful"mp3 [ti:you're beautiful][ar:james blunt][al:back to bedlam]james blunt - you're beautifulmy life is brilliant.my life is brilliant.

听听是不是Akon&K Offishall&c O'doni 的Beautiful

应该是James Blunt 的<you're beautiful> 这里可以下载 http://www.mtvtop.net/music/179/179162.htm


because of you

那首是james blunt的you're beautiful这里可以下载http://www.mtvtop.net/music/179/179162.htm

是不是有几句是----You're beautiful. You're beautiful.You're beautiful, it's true.应该是James Blunt 的下载地址http://www.show.sohu.com/readonly/20050928/song/200510/1129911107sn34d.mp3

You Are Beautiful - James BluntMy life is brilliantMy life is brilliantMy love is pureI saw an angelOf that I'm sureShe smiled at me on the subwayShe was with another manBut I won't lose no sleep on thatCause I've got a planYou're beautiful You're

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